Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fitness Fashion

Fact: Workout clothes are added gym motivation!  I love rocking new workout clothes.  They actually make me want to get all cute and go to the gym!  I firmly believe that a brand spanking new outfit can make you have the best workout of your life!

Gym Swag! Outfit pieces are detailed below.

I recently splurged a bit and bought some new gym clothes.  Lately, I've been going to Pilates 4 times a week, and fitting in gym sessions as well.  My workout clothes were all pretty much faded and I was bored with them.  I needed to step up my fitness fashion and get my gym swagger on par.  Here is a few pieces that I bought, along with other cute fitness wear that I love.

I, along with every other person I know,  LOVE Lululemon. Their gear is so darn cute, and lasts forever!  How cute are these pants?  My fave part about these is that they have two front pockets that lay totally flush to the pants - perfect for storing your ipod or iphone, and since the material is so stretchy your iphone literally does not move inside the pocket.  You can buy them by clicking here.  It looks like they are sold out of most sizes online, but check Lulu's stores because they had tons of them when I was there.

I also picked up these while in Lulu.  I swear they had gotten in the cutest stuff.  Love the color, and I found the cutest matching racerback tank in yellow to go with it.  View here and here.

This particular line called the "cool racerback" is my personal go to workout tank, and I picked up a few new colors.  I love the longer length, that it doesn't have a built in bra, and that its a little low-cut (I live in Miami! We like to show off the girls...)  They have tons of colors on Lulus website.  See them here.

This is my new fave top!  Its called the No Limits Tank, I have it in this orange/navy color, and in black.  I'm loving the exposed bra, and I always get tons of compliments whenever I wear it!  You can buy it on their website.

Ok, so enough Lululemon.  I found this company online called Lorna Jane, and they are similar to Lulu but a little bit cheaper.  They have really cute workout gear!  Have any of you ever bought anything from here?  I need a report! :)

Lorna Jane

How cute is this back?!  Its currently on sale too!  I don't have this yet, but I think that I might need it!  View it here.

I'm also really digging some new stuff from Nike.  I'm into the slouchy off the shoulder style lately, especially when paired with workout leggings.  It just looks & feels so effortless!  You know those pics of celebrities that you see leaving the gym and they just look sporty but in that edgy street style sort of way?  These tops are perfect for that and are currently listed on

An off the shoulder tee can make any outfit sexy.

Such a cute cut.

Fun colors!

I NEED these!

The Nike Studio Wrap Pack footwear above has been sold out for weeks.  Every day I check the Nike website like a maniac to see if they have re-listed them.  They look so amazing, watch the video on them here.  I would love them for Pilates! 

Another fun company that I found is Ellie.  This is such a great concept!  With this company, you take a style quiz to find out what your fitness fashion personality is (similar to shoe dazzle) and then for $49 per month, they sound you a brand new workout outfit every month!  So fun!!  The best part is that you don't necessarily have to pick a top and a bottom every month, you have the freedom to pick 2 tops only, or 2 bottoms.  And they partner with great brands such a Nike, Lululemon, etc.  I haven't signed up yet, but I will be soon!  Take the quiz to get started by clicking here.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you my favorite brand of leggings.  I used to wear VS Pink all.the.time.  I literally live in leggings, and I hated how fast they would fade out.  I found the brand So Low available on ShopBop and they are 10x better!  Yes, they are more expensive but when you factor in how fast I was throwing out my Pink brand these are a much better option.  So Low lasts much longer, plus the material is thicker and feels like higher quality.  I wear at least one pair probably every day, whether I'm going to Pilates, or just lounging around the house.  They come in a multitude of cuts, lengths, and colors.  Check them out and read all the great reviews on them here.

So Low

So, fill me in.  Leave a comment and tell me what brands are your favorite for getting your sweat on?  I'd love to hear about it!




  1. How cool are those Nike wraps?? Cannot wait to get a pair!

    1. Me too!! I'm so frustrated that I can't buy them anywhere!

  2. I have the no limits tank as well and LOVE!- great purchase! I'ma have to check out this Loma Jane, nothing beats a comfy but sexy sweatshirt!

    1. Isn't the No Limits tank the best!? Its so cute & functional :)


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