Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Windowsill Basil

This happened by pure accident.  I was cleaning up after cooking an Italian dinner for Adam & myself,  and it pained me to toss my nice fresh left over stalk of basil.  Basil does not like the cold, so trying to preserve it in my refrigerator for longer than a day was not an option.  As an experiment, I snipped off the end and placed it in a small stemless wine glass with shallow tap water.  The next morning to my surprise, it had not wilted and was looking perky as ever.  I was shocked as my basil lasted days in that glass; fast forward to 5 days later and it shooting out baby roots!

Basil in all different stages

Its so easy!!  Here's what you do:

Snip off the basil about an inch below the intersection of 2 branches.  The basil plant will eventually generate new branches in that area.

Fresh cut basil

 Place in a windowsill or an area that receives bright light.  Make sure to change the water a few times per week.  In about a week you should start to see small shoots emerge from the area where you snipped from.  Eventually your new basil plant will look like this.....

This was after 13 days

Once your roots are good and long, you're ready for planting!  Transfer basil plants to small container and initially water generously.  You can repeat this process as your first basil plant grows - snip, soak, wait, and replant.  Its so simple!

I have been doing this now for over 6 months and have not had to buy basil from the grocery store since!  I am so proud of my little basil garden that I have going in my window sill (not pictured) as well as outside on my balcony!  Its such a nice feeling to be able to grow your own herbs, and I really hope that you try this. :)

On my balcony

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