Friday, March 29, 2013

This Week In Pics

Hi girls (and guys!).  First off, I need to apologize for the silence on my blog lately.  The only thing that is on my brain right now is our wedding, which is reflected by this weeks single solitary post (coincidence?!).  Its consumed my life; every spare minute is concentrated on something wedding related.  I have so many topics that I want to blog about, but I just can't find the time right now.  So please accept my apologies for my ultra lame blog this week & bear with me....I may be borderline bridezilla at the moment, but I promise that I'll be back to normal soon. :)

Also on the lame train this week was my pictures.  So lame, in fact, that I am using a couple of Adams pics from the past couple days since I didn't even have enough to justify a good 'This Week In Pics' post.  Granted, his pictures are pretty rad!  I'm so jealous that I wasn't with him on either of these amazing experience he had; such a lucky boy!

So here it is, my week in pics.......

Fun new nail polish I picked up at Sephora, the polish color is supposed to resemble tiny feathers

I finally found the color I'm using for my wedding manicure, "Jennifer" by Julep. Its the perfect sheer w/ a hint of pink... (feather polish is on ring finger)

Dog park :)

J.Crew denim shirt, zara lace shorts, Sam Edelman shoes (Nordy rack score!)

The gorgeous lobby of the St. Regis, Bal Harbour

Making Aces dog food (white rice, carrots, organic ground chicken & veggies) 

I promise that I'll post the recipe for his dog food soon!!!

All Saints denim jacket, Torn by Ronny Kobo maxi (major sale purchase at Dash in NYC! New Yorkers may not wear maxi dresses in the winter, but Miami girls do!)

And these are Adam's pics......

On Wednesday, he was invited by a local auto imports dealership to race Lambos & Ferrari's on a nascar track! FUN!

I'm. So. Jealous.

I hope that you enjoyed the pics, and I'd love to hear feedback from you :) 

Have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wedding Sneak Peek!

Hi Guys!  I know that several of you have reached out to me wondering about my upcoming wedding, so I decided to do an mini "I Do" post today to talk about why we decided to do a destination wedding, and give you a glimpse into my soon to be big day!

The Location

If you've been reading my blog, you know by now that Adam & I are saying "I do" in Italy in a couple of weeks.  It wasn't our initial intention to get married in Italy.  We looked at several venues here in Miami but nothing felt like "us".  We started playing around with the idea of having a destination wedding, and since Adam had proposed to me on my birthday in Italy, it just felt right.  Once we committed to Italy, everything started to fall together.  We'll be in a small region of Tuscany known as Val d'Orcia.  Its famous for its beautiful rolling hills, sunflowers, Brunello wine, and sleepy Italian villages.  Under the Tuscan Sun, The Gladiator, and The English Patient were all filmed in this small region.  Its such a beautiful location and I'm so excited to share it with our 20 family & friends who will be making the trek from the US to Italy. 

Sheep that roam on the property of the villa we rented

Val d'Orcia, Toscana

Our Attire

My wedding dress is Monique Lhuillier from her fall 2012 collection.  I attended a Monique Lhuillier trunk show last April in Coral Gables with one of my girlfriends and eventually, after trying on several different styles, decided on an "A line" style dress.  I wish that I could say that when I tried it on I got that feeling that it was The One, but the truth is that while all of the dresses were beautiful, I just felt that this flattered & fit my body the best.  I would love to share a picture with you guys, but Adam hasn't seen it yet, and since he reads my blog I can't upload a picture. :)

I can, however, share with you the cutest rehearsal dinner dress that I found on ShopBop.  I have been searching everywhere for the perfect dress and this classy little number fit the bill!  It has all the perfect elements that I've been searching for; soft, romantic, and cream colored with lace detailing.  Its by Alice + Olivia and I have to tell you that it looks so much better in person vs seeing it on the model.  Let me know what you guys think....

Available on

Adams suit is a bespoke Tom Ford suit.  We had so much fun deciding on the cut, and picking out the buttons, fabrics, etc.  I haven't seen what it looks like on him, but I'm sure that he'll be one dapper groom!

This was the inspiration for Adams suit

Selecting fabrics at Tom Ford

We couldn't leave out our little bear!  Ace will be making the trip to Italy with us and he'll be looking oh so stylish in a custom made dog tuxedo.  I found a girl on Etsy that sews dog suits, and customizes them to whatever you want!  This is sort of what his suit looks like, minus the dog hat because I'm sure he'd rip it off of his head and tear it to shreds in under 2 minutes....

You can view purchasing info by clicking here

Our Photographer

I've talked before about how excited I am to be working with our photographer, Jose Villa.  Everytime I see one of his images on Pinterest, I get a little giddy knowing that our wedding album will be filled with similar stunning images.  My wedding planner suggested Jose along with a few other photographers after learning that I love soft, romantic, wedding pictures.  Once she showed me his work, nothing else compared.  His style is exactly what I love; soft images that feel romantic and dreamy.  The way that he captures light is almost ethereal.  Here are a few of his pictures that I've pinned to my Pinterest boards I Do, 2013 and Pretty:

See what I mean?  The guy is ahh-mazing.  To see more of his work that he shares on his blog click here.

The Little Details

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and I couldn't have done it without the help of our amazing wedding planner, Jessica Masi of JCG Events.  Aside from being insanely creative, she's one of the nicest people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  My props to all the girls out there that can plan out their wedding all by themselves, but I can not imagine this whole process going as smoothly as it has without a planner.  If you're a bride in the Miami area, I would definitely recommend her!

Pinterest was a HUGE source of inspiration for me while we were in the planning process.  My wedding planner even created a board for me!  Its so convenient to keep everything that catches your eye in your little online album.  I will admit that in the beginning I became mildly obsessed with perusing the thousands of images trying to figure out what color scheme we wanted (neutrals & gold), hair & makeup inspiration, the cake design, flowers, wedding jewelery, etc.  It got to the point where I'd be wide awake on Pinterest at 4 am.  No bueno! 

I also love scouring Etsy in search of all the little creative handmade pieces.  You can spend a good amount of time on their wedding section, and everything has that homemade feel to it.  That's where I found Aces dog tuxedo, accessories for our welcome baskets, and this adorable handmade rustic ring box:

View purchasing info here

Its really easy to get carried away with the whole wedding planning process and lose track of what its really about.  To me, its more important to be with the right guy and have the dream relationship rather than the dream wedding.  It doesn't bother me that we'll only have 20 people at our wedding, or that we're choosing to forgo most of the wedding traditions such as a first dance, or bouquet toss.  The people that are most important to us will be there to celebrate this huge life event and that's all that matters.  I can't wait to stand in front on my closest friends and family and tell Adam how much I love him.  At the end of the day, isn't that really what its all about?

I hope that you enjoyed this post!  I can't wait to share more with you after our April 14 nuptials.  Let me know if you have any questions regarding wedding stuff, and I would love to hear your feedback!

Friday, March 22, 2013

This Week in Pics

Hello Friday.  So nice to see you again.....

It is so crazy right now in Miami.  The Ultra Music Festival is currently going on, and the city is alive with this amazing electric energy.  In case you're not familiar with Ultra, its a 2 week long music festival that brings in the worlds best house music DJ's, similar to what goes on in Ibiza every year, and also to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas.  It draws in hundreds of thousands of house music lovers, celebrities, and crazy raver kids.  Combine that with Spring break, and its absolutely bananas in Miami!

While we don't actually go to the festival, it is fun to go out to the clubs and see the amazing DJ's.  On Wednesday night Adam & I went to Story Nightclub to meet up with some friends who were in town.  The DJ was Steve Aoki and the club was absolutely packed!  We hadn't been out clubbing in a long time, and I had forgotten how fun it is to dance and chat with friends.  I didn't indulge in any alcohol since I'm in full wedding diet mode right now, but I don't believe that you need to be drinking to have a good time anyways :)  We stayed out wayyyyy past our bed time, and I was beyond exhausted yesterday but it was definitely worth it!

Here is the rest of my week in pics......

Fresh fruits & veggies from the juice fast that I did last weekend

Ace & I watching the Kardashians & working on our fitness :)

The water has been so beautiful lately

We went fishing w/ good friends (hoodie from Target)

Adam caught so many fish!

New evil eye bracelet from Jennifer Zeuner

I love white summer dresses! Dress & belt from Nasty Gal, Zara jacket, Brian Atwood wedges

Typical breakfast

Salon fresh! Straight from the groomers to cuddle in bed w/ me :)

My favorite dessert in the world!  Deep fried oreos from Prime 112.  I only had 1 which is a crime.....

Story Nightclub

Blissful ♡

**My dress in the pic above is by Herve Leger.  I purchased it months ago because it was on major clearance (only a few hundred vs. originally over a thousand) but its an XS and normally I wear a S in that brand.  Thanks to juice cleanses & wedding diets I can comfortably wear it and not feel like a stuffed sausage lol :)

I just signed up for Bloglovin since google reader will be going byebye in a few months.  Follow me on there :)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I hope that you have a beautiful weekend!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DVF for Roxy

Happy First Day of Spring!!!  I am so excited for the new DVF for Roxy collaboration, and it couldn't have came at a better time - Bikini Season!  The collection ranges from bikinis, cover ups, board shorts, beach totes, and rashguards. From the looks of it, its a fun, sassy mix of the eye catching prints that DVF is famous for mixed with Roxy's cool surfer girl vibe.  The collection just launched at the beginning of this month and according to Roxy's website, the pieces "reflect DVF’s love of beach culture and nature as well as Roxy’s active and trailblazing spirit.  A celebration of natural beauty and confidence, the collaboration is all about encouraging women to go for it and ride the wave."

All the pieces retail for around $100 for both top and bottom combined.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

I love this coral color, would look great w/ a tan!

This is available on Nordstroms website.  The top is $46 and the bottom is $44 - such a steal!!  You can get it here.

I love the wrap around detail of the top!

This feels like signature DVF; such a bold print!  View it here.

This bikini has such a fun, bright & cheery feel to it!  Available at Roxy's website.

 Let the bikini bootcamps begin!! :)  What about you guys?  Any fun bikinis that you have your eye on for this summer?

I love your comments!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nike Studio Wrap Pack

Hi girls!! Just a real quick little post this morning :)  

I've been dying to get my hands on the Nike Studio Wrap Pack footwear for a while now.  You might remember me talking about them last month in this post.  Problem was that they have been sold out everywhere, online and in stores.  Fast forward to this morning, I happened to check the website (I haven't done this in a couple weeks) and to my shock, they were IN STOCK!!  It was like the heavens opened up and little angels were looking down on me smiling!  I let out a small shriek, and immediately purchased.  

I had to share this with you.  If you are even remotely interested in these, I would highly suggest purchasing ASAP as they sold out last time in a matter of hours! 

Get them here.

Perfect for barre, yoga, pilates, and zumba!

Hope you have an amazing day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week In Pics

Hi Friends! Happy Friday to all of you!  I honestly can't believe its Friday, my days are literally starting to all blur together.  Its definitely crunch time in my house as we leave for Italy in about 3 weeks for our destination wedding.  I feel like there is so much that I want to get done but don't have the time for.  Luckily, I'm not feeling any stress or anxiety as I have an amazingggg wedding planner who's coming to Italy with us and I'm able to delegate basically everything to her.  I've been getting a lot of questions about my wedding so I'm going to do a wedding sneak peek at some point next week :)

On top of wedding planning, I'm almost finished finalizing the details of our honeymoon.  If you follow me on Twitter, you might already have an idea of where we're headed.  I'm not sure if I'm more excited for our Italian wedding or our honeymoon in........[cue the drum roll.....]  SOUTH AFRICA!!!!  We have purchased our plane tickets (19 hour flight, yikes!!) but our itinerary is pretty loose at this point.  If any of you have ever been to Cape Town, Kruegar National Park, Zambia, or Johnesburg please comment below and leave any recommendations as to amazing must see's and do's.  I would love to hear what you all suggest!

Have any of you watched the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"?  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it; very informative & interesting!  Adam & I watched it this week and I am definitely inspired to start a juice cleanse.  I'm thinking about starting this weekend, so if you see weird tweets from me talking about how I want to jump off my balcony, you'll know why! LOL  Wish me luck.....

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Here's my week in pics:

Grapefruit fro-yo from Pinkberry, so delish!

J.Crew Tippi sweater (my FAVE!), Genetic denim, Jimmy Choo heels, Mulberry purse

I'm so blessed to wake up to this beautiful view every day! Literally not 1 cloud in sight! 

Posing at the dog park :)

I make all his dog food at home now.  I'll post the recipe soon!

Joie silk tee, Alice + Olivia skirt, DVF wedges (skirt and wedges available at now), Mulberry clutch

Riding back from the dog park   :)

The ocean looked so beautiful & inspiring.

Shameless selfie!! I was feeling pretty while getting ready for date night!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sale Items!

Hi Girls!  Can we chat for a minute about ShopBop's sale that they have going on?  I did a little happy dance when I saw all the new sale items that they recently added!  Here are a few things that I am loving, as well as some items that I just recently purchased!  They're all so perfect for Spring :)

**Click on image for product details**

I love the pale blue color of these jeans!
You can never go wrong with a feminine white dress!
This dress is under $70!!
I've been on the hunt for a white denim jacket!
Love the delicate eyelet.
I love Rory Beca dresses, they are so flowy & perfect!

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