Friday, August 10, 2018

Snapshots Of Summer

There is just something about summer.  The longer days, endless outdoor activities, family vacations, alfresco dinners, and sun kissed skin are the perfect recipe for a magical season filled with memories that last a lifetime.

Isla & I spent most of July visiting my family and friends in WA state.  Even though I grew up there, I had forgotten how truly glorious the Pacific Northwest is during summer.  Crisp and cool mornings, surprisingly pleasant daytime temps (opposite of humid AF Miami!), farmers market produce runs, salty sea air, drives into the mountains (our Florida girl saw snow for the first time!), berry picking, wine on the back patio with my mama, lake days at our cabin, and family time galore was exactly what I needed to bring myself out of this funk that I've been in lately, and get my mind into a much better space.

Since I'm still on an instagram break, here's a few snapshots of how our July played out.  

If you're planning a visit to Seattle, here's a list of toddler friendly activities that we enjoyed:

Woodland Park Zoo
International Fountain Seattle Center
Artists At Play Playground Seattle Center
Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Great Wheel (ferris wheel)
Pike Place Market
Seattle Children's Museum
Boating on Lake Washington
JuzPlayKids Indoor Playground (a Blippi approved playground!)

I hope you're all doing well & soaking up every moment of summer. xoxo


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Infertility Round II

This post has been on the back of my mind lately.  If you've been fortunate enough to have never experienced truly struggling to conceive, than this might be difficult to understand.  If you've walked down this road, than you just get it.

Denial.  Sadness.  Anger.  Acceptance.  Hope.  Repeat.  These are the emotions that I experience every single month.  We've been trying for over 2 years now.  Since Isla was 7 months old.  It was such a struggle to conceive her back then, that I wanted to start trying right away.  It's always been my dream to have wee ones running through my home....that beautiful chaos that comes from a large family.  I'm 36 years old, and I know that time is not on my side.  

Since November, I've taken the medications, administered the shots, more meds, blood draws numerous times a week, ultrasounds, and experienced multiple failed infertility treatments.  All that I have to show for it are complications from the medications which wreak havoc on your body; poor health, hormones completely out of whack, a uterine tumor, cervical cysts that won't disappear on their own (ovarian drilling anyone?), and depression.  

Infertility is a dark, and lonely place.  And just because I've been blessed to have 1 child, doesn't mean that secondary infertility is an easy pill to swallow.

I put my instagram account on hold last month after my surgery to remove the tumor.  I couldn't handle the pretty images of smiling babies, and pregnancy announcements any longer.  The pregnancy announcements are devastating.  Not because I'm not happy for them, but because I'm sad for myself.  I almost pulled Isla out of our favorite mommy and me class because 5 of the mothers are expecting.  It's like putting a starving person in a room full of food and telling them they can't eat.  I withdrew her from starting preschool next school year so that I can keep her at home and enjoy her for one more year.  Thoughts of "this may be the only child I have" are daily.

I think of all the privileges that I have in life, but for me, not being able to get pregnant and have another child really, really hurts.  It's cruel, and unfair, and I don't wish these feelings on anyone.  I pray that once I resume treatments again in September (the projected time frame when I should be healthy enough to start again), that this IVF round will be successful and that I will be able to experience that stirring of life inside of me, and ultimately give my daughter a brother or sister.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Packing List For Upcoming Travel

The best decision I ever made was to stop following fashion "trends" a couple years ago and to start building up my wardrobe with pieces that I truly love and make me feel good.  I started paying attention to certain details or elements that I'm consistently drawn to (for me it's neutrals) and began investing in quality pieces to build up a really good capsule wardrobe.  Now whenever I want to pick up some new clothing for upcoming travel, I know that my purchases can be easily integrated into my wardrobe to create an easy, classic, and feminine look.

Below are some pieces that I recently picked up for our upcoming vacation - we're headed back to Italy!  I plan to wear these with lots of neutrals; white jeans, my easy Chloe flats, white Superga sneakers, slightly distressed denim, soft gray sweaters, camel colors, etc.  Just give me a glass of vino, and I'm all set.  Ciao! xx


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