Monday, February 25, 2013

Maxi Dress Madness

With Spring right around the corner, its time to start prepping for our summer wardrobes.  One of my favorite Summer staples is the maxi dress.  I am fortunate to live where it is warm enough to wear maxi's all year long, but during winter months while the rest of the country is bundled up in  sweaters, the options for maxi dresses in retail stores is pretty slim.

I once read an article that stated that the #1 item of clothing that men hate on women is a maxi dress.  Ironically enough, I also remember Adam telling me early on in our relationship that he loathed maxi dresses.  Needless to say, I avoided wearing them for quite some time!  When I eventually quizzed him on why he and guys in general hated the maxi dress style he stated that "too much is covered up, and there's not enough for us to look at".  Sure, a maxi dress isn't as sexy as wearing a Herve Leger dress, but I think there are some really beautiful, figure flattering options.  I slowly started integrating longer dresses into my wardrobe, but still to this day, I'm careful to choose styles that really flatter my body.  Unless you are supermodel tall, maxi dresses can sometimes engulf a small frame, and since I'm on the shorter side, I almost always have to take mine to the tailor to get them shortened.  I try to choose feminine styles that accentuate a certain area, whether its a plunging neckline that puts the spotlight on your cleavage, or a racer back style that emphasizes a great back.  There are so many great options that can flatter all body types!

Either love them, or hate them, the maxi dress is here to stay!  Here are some great options at various price points to update your summer wardrobe with:

 *purchase info can be found by clicking on item name*

Element Violet Dress - $49.50

L*Space Isabel Maxi Dress - $194

Blue Life Sexy Dress - $143

I own this dress above, and I love it!  The back is so sick!  Its also available at Singer22.

Eighty Six Stripe Maxi Dress - $118

Splendid Maxi Tank Dress - $108

Billabong Faster Maxi Dress - $56

Finish your look with a slim fitting denim jacket, and embellished flats for an easy, breezy look :)

Image via Pinterest

Happy Monday!

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