Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Splurge Vs. Save

We have a trip to central Europe for New Years in the works, which naturally sent me on a quest to find a great new pair of boots.  During my online obsessing browsing for said boots, I came across these two extremely similar leo print booties.

Oh how I love these splurge vs. save editions!  It serves as such a great reminder that even if your budget doesn't allow for high end purchases, there are so many alternatives out there to the pricey versions.

A leopard print bootie will always be on trend for the fall season, but is also a timeless, classic purchase that you can wear for years to come.

The Tabitha Simmons version features calf hair in a snow leopard print, and a comfortable 2 inch heel.  Penny Loves Kenny comes in pretty darn close in a 1 1/4" heel, and while it can't quite compare in terms of craftsmanship {synthetic upper lining}, it is the $826 price difference that makes up for it in my eyes! 

The question that I have for you gals is would you rather splurge or save in this instance?  


  1. Is it bad to say I sort of want the splurge here more?!

  2. ^^ I like the splurge better too....

  3. Obsessed with the splurge! SO good! xx Brooke

  4. I'm all about splurge vs save and trying to find those high end deals at an actual affordable price! Those splurges are kinda gorgeous though ;-)



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