Friday, October 3, 2014

September In Pictures

Hi babes!  Yay for Friday!  September was a big month for us.  Halfway through the month, we said goodbye to our condo and moved into our beautiful new home.  It's taken some adjusting, but I feel like we're starting to really get settled in and as each day passes it is starting to feel like "home".  One issue that I was not mentally prepared for: BUGS.... particularly gigantic cockroaches.  I have been pretty spoiled since I moved to Miami, and have only lived in luxury high rises in which you don't really see all the creepy crawlers that south Florida is notorious for.  Well, no pest control had been performed on our house for 9 months prior to us moving in, and let me tell you firsthand that roaches {which are very common down here} are the most disgusting insects in existence.  I'm not talking about teeny tiny little guys.  These ones are full blown 3-4 inchers.  We sprayed immediately after moving in, but literally every 2 to 3 days I wake up to a new one dead somewhere in my house.  It's almost turned into a game; lets see where one is going to be today!  In my bathroom drawer on top of my hairbrush?  Nope, that was last week.  In the kitchen on top of our new cooktop?  No, that was yesterday.  Maybe in my closet.  You get the idea.  #Barf.  I'm hoping that eventually this disgusting issue will take care of itself, but until then I'll just be over here living in Roachville.

Another issue that I did not expect was to lose my little daytime cuddle partner, Ace.  He no longer follows me from room to room throughout the day, quite honestly he doesn't give two craps about me anymore.  All that he wants to do from sun up to sun down is chase lizards outside.  Adam & I have dubbed him the "lizard cowboy' :)  He literally stalks his lizards  If it's raining outside, and he has to come in he'll sit against the window and watch the lizards from inside.  I know that I should be happy about this because he's finally getting an opportunity to be a real dog outside, but I miss my snuggle buddy.  In the meantime, I still have little Lulu {who could care less about being outside}.

Just thought I'd share how life is going in the new casa {the good and the bad!}.  I haven't done a picture overload in quite a while so here was my September in pics....

At the beginning of the month, we hopped on a plane for a quick getaway to Playa del Carmen.  I had never realized that the Cancun area is only a 1.5 hour flight from Miami!  The resort we stayed at Rosewood Mayakoba was stunning, and I think we found our new spot!

I finally paid a visit to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens here in Miami.  The gardens are gorgeous - exactly like what you would see in Italy.

We said ciao to this view. :(

Wearing J.Crew sweater {old}, Rory Beca shorts {here}, and Chloé ballet flats {available here}.

Their new favorite nap spot is right on top of the pillows to our new couch :)  {pillows can be found here & here}.

Wearing Helmut Lang sweatshirt/jacket {sold out in white, but available in black here}, Paige Denim {old, but similar here}, and Isabel Marant Tacy boots {last season}.

Blackout shades have been installed {this is the guest bedroom}, but I'm still waiting on the fabric for the drapes which we had imported from Turkey.  As much as I want everything to be 100% completed asap, I've quickly learned that you're at the mercy of contractors who run on their own time.

Breaking out the fall decor around the house.  

Wearing my favorite black leggings {found here}, oversized sweater {old}, Saint Laurent handbag, and my favie affordable wool hat {here}.

Girls, this is my new jam!  Banana, peanut butter Greek frozen yogurt.  So, so good.

A few beauty purchases from Nordies.

Out to my hubbies birthday dinner wearing Helmut Lang blazer {old}, Elizabeth and James dress {available here}, and Aquazzura sandals {here}.

This little muffin helping me decorate the front porch.

Pretty new shoes!  {available here}

Flannel & messy braid kind of day.  {Flannel can be found here}.

Hope you all had a great month as well.  Have a great weekend loves! xx


  1. Such a great month for you!! I'm loving all your photos and your style is just the best!! Loving all your Fall decor!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. My little nuggets lay in the same spots on our couch! Mine is PB not RH so I don't know if this will happen to you, but my pillows/cushions are down and they have definitely lost their shape from constantly being smushed into the same position when they lay on them. Even when I attempt to fluff them, they're pretty sorry looking. I just cant bring myself to make them move when they're so happy up there lol

    1. Ahhh that's what my mom told me would happen to my cushions! I'm with you though, not sure if I can force my little muffins to move when they're napping so peacefully!

  3. Colors of lipsticks, please!!!

    1. Hi Nika! The lipstick colors are Tom Ford Pink Dusk, and Crimson Noir {which I'm wearing in the very bottom picture}. xoxo

  4. awe congrats on the house, it really is stunning so far... cockroaches OMG!!! thankfully we do not really tend to have them in Ireland, the worst we have in the new place here is tiny tiny flies (and I thought that was bad:)) I am loving the unit under your TV... giving me an idea !

  5. Your pups are too cute!! Love the pics of the new casa!

  6. Your new home is so beautiful. I love the home decor it's very restoration hardware-esque.. My fave! Happy Fall! Hope you have some cooler weather coming your way xo



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