Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall Fashion For Warmer Climates

It's not exactly a secret that Autumn is basically non existent here in South Florida.  Still that doesn't deter me from enjoying some of my favorite sweater weather pieces. 

While I would love to wear this outfit with leggings + riding boots, I would be sweltering!  I quickly ditched the idea of black leggings, and paired my oversized cardigan with my favorite black denim shorts instead.   I wanted to keep this look more "Fall" so I opted against wedges, and went with ankle boots instead.  The cute black wool hat pulls double duty as it finishes off my look plus hides my haven't-washed-my-hair-in-three-days roots :)

All it takes is a few clever compromises, and I have a total Fall-worthy outfit that's appropriate for our warmer weather!

Cardigan - J.Crew {here}
Black denim shorts - Siwy {here}
Tank - BP {Under $20! here}
Ankle Boots - Givenchy {here, similar & affordable version here
Wool hat - Nordstrom {here}
Lipstick - Revlon 'Ravish Me Red'{here}

Are you chicas experiencing cooler weather yet?  


  1. Love the outfit! Here in SF it's just starting to cool down but it love the warmer weather! Also love your hair :)

    1. Nika, lets trade weather! I'll send you some FL sunshine in exchange for a bit of your cooler SF temps :)



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