Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Found! The Perfect Wool Hat

Confession: my skin is having a moment this week. Its hideout-in-your-house-for-days-bad.  I'm not sure exactly what caused the worst breakout of the year, but thanks to a few quick cortisone injections from my dermatologist, I'm now on the mend.  Anyways, {I promise there is a point to all of this} on Monday, my enormous zits & I went to Anastasia @ Nordstrom for my usual brow appointment.  The brow counter happens to be directly next to the hats department which is where I found exactly what I needed: a super cute, perfect for fall wool hat to cover up the mountains that decided to take up residence smack dab in the middle of my forehead!
{{View purchasing info here.}}

The floppy brim is a perfect, classic size {not too big} and I love the tie detailing on the side.  Its Nordstrom's actual brand, and comes in 4 different colors {I'm contemplating the black one also!}.  This made in Italy cutie is 100% wool, and is ideal for the upcoming cooler months.  Its easy on the wallet as well, priced at $38!!  I'll definitely be wearing this on repeat this Fall, and I had to share this fab find with you ladies! :)  

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