Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week In Pics

One topic, two words, and approximately 13 letters have ruled my life this past week: Potty training.  Ugh, I had forgotten how frustrating house training a dog is.  Ace is so perfect, we walk him 3 times a day, he does his business, end of story.  When we picked up Lulu a couple weeks ago, I vowed that we wouldn't use the "wee wee" pads, and would train her to only go outside since Cesar says that a puppy will pick up on house training faster when following the guidance of the older dog in the house.  WRONG!!!  We walk her outside; "walk" meaning that we walk and carry her most of the way since she refuses to walk on a leash, and occasionally she'll go potty, but more often than not her preferred choice for bathroom breaks are on one of the only carpets in our condo.  Out of frustration, I caved and purchased the wee wee pads, which she has yet to use on her own.  We've tried getting her on a set schedule so she'll learn to hold her bladder, but Ms. Lulu hasn't quite grasped that concept yet.  She just kind of goes whenever she feels like it, which drives me absolutely insane since I'm a complete neat freak and loathe the feeling of my house being dirty.  She's so young so I shouldn't be discouraged, but man oh man its hard not to be frustrated!

So our pursuit towards potty training continues......wish me luck!  xx

P.S. If any of you have any advice/tips for potty training pups, I would love to hear!

My week in pics:

Getting my juice fix!

Bright denim paired w/ neutrals.  J. Brand denim, Monrow tissue tee available {here}, Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

I love watching Adam play tennis.  He's played since he was 3 and went on to play in college & on tour.

Much to Aces delight, Lulu isn't allowed on the bed anymore....won't go into specifics :)

One of my fave snacks - half an avocado mashed with fresh squeezed lemon juice & sea salt on toast (I often eat it on gluten free crackers as well).

Zara oversized knit, AE denim shorts (probably my fave pair ever, purchased from Marshalls natch!), and fun Soludos {here}

I'm so happy I got my hands on this impossible to find Sofia Al Asfoor Shield bag before it becomes the next "Celine".   

Its the little details.....candlelight dinner I prepared for Adam :)

Beyond thrilled that Suja finally made its way to Whole Foods in the Miami area.

I love how this J. Crew statement necklace instantly glams up this otherwise casual outfit.  Also loving these new MiH Marrakesh flare jeans {here} they make your butt look amazing! With AllSaints tee & JCrew belt.

I normally don't do weekend posts, but couldn't wait till Monday to share these with you! Vegan chocolate coconut protein "trufles" will be up on the blog tomorrow!


  1. Love your style & your blog!

  2. Awesome pics, trying out the Vegan Protein balls tomorrow. Let you know how it goes

    1. Thank you! I would love to hear your feedback on them! :)

  3. OH my gawd, I have been LUSTING after that Sofia Al Asfoor Shield bag ever since I saw it on Jennifer Stano's blog. You are so very, very lucky! Can you share how you came by it?

    1. Thanks girl! Isn't it fab!? One of my gf's is a personal shopper who has amazing connections in the luxury handbag market. :)



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