Monday, August 12, 2013

Health Benefits of Lysine

You may have heard about Lysine or even seen it in the vitamin aisles at Whole Foods, but do you actually know what the heck it is and how it can benefit your bod?  Let me fill you in on a little story......

When I first moved to Miami, I was working at the Fontainebleau hotel doing VIP bottle service at a nightclub.  I had never worked in a club before, and I'm not sure if it was the environment or the backwards sleep schedule, but for whatever reason I was sick for the entire 8 months that I worked there.  I'm not talking about a little sniffle sniffle sickypoo.  I would have a cold that would turn into a sinus infection, that would turn into sinusitis and bronchitis, and then repeat the process all over again for 8 months straight.  I was absolutely miserable.  Adam happened to read an article on yahoo about the health benefits of L-Lysine and figuring that we had nothing to lose, we both started taking it twice per day.

I immediately saw results.  Within a few days my symptoms started to clear up, and about a week later I was feeling pretty darn good.  So what exactly is lysine?  Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that our bodies need it.  For years lysine has been used to bolster the body’s immune function, but recent studies have shown that lysine deficiency leads to immune deficiency. So simply put, if you are not getting enough lysine, you are far more likely to get sick more often.  It also turns out that this amazing amino acid does more than just fight germies.  Here's a few more deets about the health benefits of L-Lysine:

  • Promotes normal growth and development by increasing collagen formation
  • Supports the production of other proteins like enzymes, antibodies and hormones
  • Promotes bone health by increasing calcium absorption; prevents osteoporosis or weak bones by reducing bone loss
  • Helps convert fatty acids to energy, aiding in weight reduction
  • Helps lower bad cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk for heart disease
  • Promotes skin health through increased collagen formation
  • May be used to treat viral infections like herpes simplex, cold sores, shingles,human papilloma virus (HPV) infection such as genital warts, and genital herpes
  • Can relieve migraines and other types of pain and inflammation
  • When taken with other nutrients like vitamin C, it can reduce chest pains (angina) related to heart disease
  • Helps in muscle building, when taken with other amino acids like arginine

We still take lysine everyday, and in the 2 years that I've been taking it, I've only had cold/flu like symptoms twice.  If I know that I'll be traveling, I increase my dosage for an extra immune booster.  The particular brand that we take is Quantum Health Super Lysine+ Immune System, which has Vitamin C, Echinacea, Licorice, Propolis, and Odorless Garlic for added immune support.  

So next time that you're taking a stroll through the vitamin aisle at your health food store, pick up a bottle and be on the road to healthy!

**Please note that I am obviously not a doctor, and you should consult a physician before taking any supplements.**

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