Friday, July 26, 2013

This Week In Pics

Yayyyy its Friday!!  I'm having such a hard time grasping that its the last weekend of July, and that its almost officially August.  How has this summer gone by so fast already?  I haven't done a 'This Week in Pics' in a couple weeks, so today's post will feature pictures captured from the past 3 weeks including my short few days that I spent in Washington D.C.  I flew up there last week to meet up with my mother and watch my brother be presented with the 2013 Marine Times Marine of the Year award.  Last year he was awarded the USO Marine of the Year, and since I wasn't there for that ceremony I was really excited to attend this one!  It was only my second time in DC, and the weather was absolutely DREADFUL.   I thought Miami was bad in the summer, but 100+ degrees plus humidity= torture!  I definitely feel for you girls that live in the area!  Even though the heat was a little tough to handle, we still had a great time touring around DC, exploring the area, and watching him be awarded.  So proud!
Here's my week the last few weeks in pics, and you can always follow along on Instagram as well to see more :)  (instagram: andy_adler)

Milo's is one of our favorite restaurants in Miami & Vegas.  I love the presentation of fish - you just walk right up and select your dinner!

New workout kicks :)
And some new lovelies I scored as well! I couldn't resist the sale price on net-a-porter...
My copycat version of Milo's salad.  I asked the waiter exactly how they make it, and this turned out even better!
J.Crew oversized sweater, siwy denim shorts, Miu Miu wedges.
Thanks to a little work in the gym, plus the Suja juice cleanse that I did, I'm down 4 lbs and back in my comfort weight zone.
I'm never buying store bought almond milk again :)  Making it at home is way better!
Touring around D.C.
With my brother, my mom, and Gen. Paxton. 

My mom & I toured the Holocaust Museum - so emotional.  Never Forget.

I'm still in love with my Rag & Bone denim vest!  (Also wearing Joie silk pants)
Meeting with our baby princess.  We get to take her home next weekend!!!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!  Have a beautiful weekend! xx

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