Friday, June 28, 2013

This Week In Pics

Hi girls!  Happy Friday to you!  After a quick visit to Washington state last weekend, Ace and I are back home in sunny south Florida (and happy to be here!).  Adam & I parted ways last Thursday, Ace + myself going to WA, and Adam to Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker.  This is the first year that I haven't joined him in Vegas and I'm not the least bit sad that I didn't tag along.  Vegas is fun when you only visit once or twice a year, but when you live there for weeks, sometimes months at a time, its a whole different animal.  I vowed that I wouldn't go this year, but we're so rarely apart that I'm not sure how long it will last!  

I was lucky enough to have one sunny day while I was in the Pacific Northwest, and we really took advantage of it!  I think this was the first nice day (weather wise) that I've experienced since I moved 3 years ago.  My mom and I took Ace for a long walk, I attended my besties baby shower, I visited with my Grandmother and we dined outside (a rarity in June) at my favorite restaurant, Wildfire.  

I also paid a visit to my doctor while I was back home and had my IUD removed.....not for baby making purposes (yet!) but just because I've been so unhappy with it since I had it implanted a couple years ago.  I have been SO exhausted ever since I had it removed, apparently its the sudden drop in hormone levels that causes the fatigue.  I've bailed on every single gym sessions this week, and have been sleeping in till all hours of the day (I'm actually embarrassed to share the times I've been waking up).  I'm hoping that this will wear off soon and I can get back to my normal routine.   Have any of you girls ever experienced this?  I would love to hear any of your stories & advice on how to deal with this fatigue!

All in all, it was a really nice visit, but there really is no place like home :)

Here's the rest of my week in pics:

A sunny walk with Ace.

Baby shower with my friend Christine, and the glowing mama to be Andrea (center).

BEST fish ever! Blackened halibut with mango salsa served w/ wood fired veggies, and lemon champagne risotto.

Surprise present from the hubby :)

My rainy send off on the red eye flight back to FL

Our new baby!! Pic courtesy of the breeder, DeniMay Shih Tzu.  Can't wait to take her home!

The only OOTD pic I managed to take this week.  Zara tee, Current & Elliott boyfriend Jeans, Chloe wedges.

My mans company featured in OK Magazine this week! So exciting!

Made a fresh batch of organic dog cookies for Ace.  Have you seen my recipe? View it here.

Baby pineapples growing on my balcony! So cute!!
So so much to be thankful for :)

Don't forget that this is the last weekend to use Google Reader.  I signed my blog up for Bloglovin, and I'm so glad that I made the switch.  If you're not familiar with Bloglovin, I highly suggest that you check it out!  Its so easy to keep all of your favorite blogs organized in one place, and its super simple to navigate.  I have found so many other great blogs since I joined, and it only takes a minute to sign up!  You can follow me on Bloglovin by clicking on the icon below, or by visiting the Bloglovin Website, and searching for Typical Domestic Babe.  If you follow Typical Domestic Babe via email, this change in Google Reader won't affect you at all :)

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Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I hope that you all have a beautiful weekend! xo


  1. Your baby pineapples are so freaking cute! Did you just buy a pineapple plant? Is it easy to care for? I have a serious black thumb. As far as IUDs, I thought about doing it, but it completely freaks me out. The whole "it could burst through the uterine wall" part terrifies me! PS. Any tips on relaxing during travel? I am such a nervous flier!

    1. Hi Leslie! Yes, I just bought a potted pineapple plant from the farmers market about a year ago, this is the 2nd time its produced pineapples! Its super easy to care for! As for relaxing during flights, I travel so much that its not really an issue anymore and if for some reason it is, I'll just have a glass of vino and that does the trick :)



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