Friday, June 14, 2013

This Week In Pics

Good morning loves, and happy happy Friday! I hope you all had an amazing week!  I'm over the moon right now because my baby brother is visiting me for the next few days and I haven't seen him in ages.  He's a Marine, and toughest guy I know!  He just arrived last night and its been so so nice to catch up and spend time together.

Anyways, real quick post today.  I hope that you all have a fab weekend!! xo

Billabong dress, Rag & Bone denim vest, Chloe bag.

The chic waiting room at Dr. Brandt's Miami office.

I wish I could climb up and pluck those fresh coconuts off the tree!

This move is amaaaazing for stretching out your quads....sorry if I always make that weird face in my workout pics! In Pilates, you breathe as if you were blowing out of a straw :)
Healthy snack: Greek yogurt with Udi's gluten free granola, organic cherries & blackberries.

I love watching random rain showers from my balcony!
I can't wait to try out this new summer nail color: "Bouncer, Its Me".

Weeknight meal I prepared: Wild Sea Bass pan seared w/ organic tomatoes & roasted organic fingerling potatos.

Its been so humid lately that I've been living in shorts & anything lightweight.  Zara sweater, Rag & Bone shorts (net-a-porter sale score!)


  1. Your brother is a Marine? A Marine is why I'm currently stuck in North Carolina! (Boyfriend is Marine, but retires next month.) My brother was a Marine too, but has been out for a couple of years. Y'all have fun!

    1. Haha! He sure is! Currently stationed in Virginia but being deployed to Japan at the end of the year. Gotta love our Marines! xo

  2. great pics ;) My older brother is a Marine as well! Stationed in NC our marines! xo

    1. I love hearing that you're a Marine sis too :) I have such respect for all our military guys + gals, but esp. our Marines!!



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