Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Packing List For Upcoming Travel

The best decision I ever made was to stop following fashion "trends" a couple years ago and to start building up my wardrobe with pieces that I truly love and make me feel good.  I started paying attention to certain details or elements that I'm consistently drawn to (for me it's neutrals) and began investing in quality pieces to build up a really good capsule wardrobe.  Now whenever I want to pick up some new clothing for upcoming travel, I know that my purchases can be easily integrated into my wardrobe to create an easy, classic, and feminine look.

Below are some pieces that I recently picked up for our upcoming vacation - we're headed back to Italy!  I plan to wear these with lots of neutrals; white jeans, my easy Chloe flats, white Superga sneakers, slightly distressed denim, soft gray sweaters, camel colors, etc.  Just give me a glass of vino, and I'm all set.  Ciao! xx


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