Friday, June 5, 2015

Scenes From Around The House

Happy Friday!  Thank you so much to everyone who left such kind comments on yesterdays bumpdate!  Your comments mean so much to me, and you guys sure know how to make this mama to be feel good :)

Today I wanted to share a few images of scenes from around our house; home decor projects {I've gotten on a home decor kick lately!}, snaps of my pups, and life's little moments.

^^  Adam & I have a little standing tradition: every Friday if we don't have plans to go out to dinner, we indulge in a little cheese plate before we light our Shabbat candles.  I love little traditions like these, and hope that we continue them for years to come.

^^  We installed some sheer linen curtains this week {for pure aesthetic reasons, we already have custom pull down shades installed}, and I'm so happy with the texture that they added to my living room! 

^^  Cherry season makes me a veryyyyy happy girl :)

^^  I received these glass hurricanes in the mail this week.  I love the natural rope detailing on them, and now just need to figure out where I'm going to put them.

^^  We take nap time very seriously in this household ;)

^^  I love sending thank you cards + snail mail.  These thank you cards are so cute & summery, and are currently on sale!

^^  You guys, I'm so embarrassed to admit this but I forgot that we had this gorgeous Restoration Hardware area rug still rolled up, wrapped in plastic from when we moved to our new home..... in September.  It was hiding under the bed in our guest bedroom, waiting to get cleaned {it was in the living room in our condo when we were potty training get the idea}, and I honest to goodness forgot all about it.  I had it professionally cleaned, and now it lives in front of our bookcase!

^^  Peonies are so trendy now, but they still get me every time!

^^  I picked up this decorative wooden bowl for our entertainment console, and filled it with various shells & scented potpourri that smells amazing!

^^  These little muffins ♡  They're going to be the best big brother & sister to Isla!

Sheepskin rug {2 small rugs placed together to make one large}

I'm taking the week off from Typical Domestic Babe next week since we'll be on vacay, but you can always follow along on insta {@andy_adler} to see what we're up to in St. Barths.

Have a great weekend! xx


  1. oh Andy, your pups are just adorable, I would love to get a pup for my son Reece, he is 3 now and started to really take a shine to cats and dogs, unfortunately my partner has an allergy:( we have to settle with our 3 goldfish:) !! your front room looks so relaxingxx

    1. Thanks Katie! Our dogs are actually hypoallergenic, so they're perfect for people who are sensitive to pet dander, plus they don't shed!!

    2. oh no, that is all the persuasion I need:) I think dogs are a great friend to kiddies, Reece did not show much attention to animals before but these past few weeks he seems to love them:) we might have to considerxxx

  2. Your pups are soo cute!!! My dog sleeps in crazy positions too and it makes me laugh every time!!! Have a fantastic vacation!!!

  3. So gorgeous, loooove the curtains! When we hung ours, it totally made our living room feel so much more complete! Love the sheers! xx Have a fabbbb baby moon!! <3

  4. Well you have the absolute cutest puppies!! That little one is to die for. My daughter saw her as I was reading your blog this morning and now is obsessing over me getting her the exact same one. Oh no!

    1. Hahahah uh ohhhh! Her name is Lulu and she is the absolute sweetest little dog with such a kind heart! We bought her from a local breeder, here's the info if you're interested:



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