Friday, February 28, 2014

This Month In Pics

Wow.  How is tomorrow March 1st?  This month has come and gone in the blink of an eye but I'm ready to bid February farewell.  March means Spring, and Spring is just so much better than Winter....wouldn't you agree?

I had a request to start doing more of my 'This Week In Pics' style posts like I used to do last year but since I post the majority of my photos on Instagram now {andy_adler} I don't want to bore you with the same repeat pics every week.  Maybe instead I'll start doing a month end recap with pictures and share some that didn't make it to Instagramland.....thoughts?  Let me know if you like this and want to see it again in the future.

Ok, so here we go.  My month in pictures.....

Seriously, is this my life?  Beach walks in my backyard in February?  I'm such a lucky girl.

We ordered a case of wine from our favorite vineyard in Tuscany.  Too bad I'm really watching what I'm eating/drinking right now and have yet to indulge.

Foggy sunrise from our living room.
Blah.  How boring is this?  Ground chicken w/ steamed veggies & rice cakes.

We took a quick weekend trip to Seattle....

Some fun new beauty products + a great scented candle.

Typical breakfast lately: scrambled egg whites with hot sauce + micro greens.  I HATE scrambled eggs so I have to drown them in Cholula hot sauce!
Pretty, pretty palms.

Gym selfie.

I made these delicious healthy chicken lettuce wraps - recipe to come soon!!
Househunting in ladylike Chanel flats, Frame denim {here}, and Rag & Bone silk top.

Fun fact: I'm blind as a bat and wear contacts everyday.  I was forced to wear my glasses when I developed an eye infection earlier this month.

Stunning sunset.  How beautiful are those clouds?
Protein shake & 2 hard boiled eggs for breakfast.

Our wedding album finally came!  I have a very exciting announcement in the near future about our wedding pictures!
Treasure hunting at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Vero Beach.

My food pics are SO boring you guys!  "Diet food" is not fun but I've been trying really hard.....

 Ummmm....those black dots in the ocean are sharks!

In love with my fun new sneaks!!  You can purchase them here

Have a great weekend & don't forget to enter my S'well water bottle giveaway!!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  xx


  1. i love when you do these posts! how do you like those frame denim jeans? i have been eyeing them but i'm usually a j brand girl...

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Rachel! I LOVE the Frame denim! They're super stretchy, and really "suck" you in {which lord knows I use all the help I can get lol}. I love J Brand also + Rag & Bone and these are the same quality denim. You should give them a try :)

    2. I should also add that I think this brand is going to explode in the future. It seems that a lot of celebs are starting to wear Frame jeans lately, and usually they are the first to wear it before the mainstream public catches on. xx

  2. I love your posts and pics! So your house hunting? That's got to be super exciting! Congrats!

  3. Your meals aren't boring at all! This is great clean eating inspiration! I need to really crack down. I can usually keep it clean for breakfast and lunch but in the afternoon I alwayyyys let my sweet tooth take over. Any tips that you have for staying on track? xo

    1. I try to always have healthy snacks on hand so that I don't derail my diet by making impulse choices. I like to keep things like cut up carrots, celery sticks, and sliced sweet pepper slices prepped in the fridge that I can have with a little hummus. I also always have hard boiled eggs ready to go and lately I'm really loving rice cakes in all different flavors so if I'm craving salt I have a salty rice cake, or a cinnamon rice cake if I'm craving sweets. Also the Think Thin Divine bars are amaaazing for chocolate cravings!



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