Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Ways To Extend Your Salon Colored Hair

Happy Friday babes!  I hope that you all had a great week!  So today I wanted to chat about salon color.  Lets face the facts: we all know that gettin' your hurrr did is mega expensive, and that fresh color unfortunately fades pretty fast.  When my hair has reached that point where my color has faded, and it's time to get back into the salon there are two products that I turn to that help with reviving my color, ultimately giving me a couple extra weeks until I have to go back in the salon and fork our some more cash.  Read on for more deets.

When I first moved to Miami, I was shocked at the high prices that salons charge to get my normal hair coloring done.  This lead to me search for other options to extend the life of my salon color.  I came across two great products that I had never heard of, and after extensive online research I decided to give them a try.

The first is a line of conditioners formulated by Aveda.  Their "Pure Plant" conditioners are all natural {made with plant extracts} and are developed to neutralize & enrich your existing color.  

You simply apply to your hair after shampooing, and leave on for around 5 minutes.  The more you use the conditioner, the deeper your color will get.  If you don't like the color, it will generally fade after a couple washes.  Pretty simple, right?!  

A word of warning: The darker shampoos look like chocolate pudding, and will leave a tint to your hands.  Don't stress!  The tint comes off easy.  Since I apply this when I'm in the shower, I just use a body scrub or my loofah and it comes right off my hands :)

Also, save yourself the money, and don't try the shampoos in this line.  They don't deposit color the way the conditioners do and are a big waste.

When I notice my color starting to really fade, I typically use my Aveda conditioner twice per week until my next hair appointment.  I love the color that it gives me.

For my brunette sistas, there are two options: Black Malva or Clove {which is what I use}.  

Blonde haired babes can try out Chamomile, and red headed vixens are best with Madder Root.

The second product that I completely recommend for extending your salon hair color is Sebastian Cellophanes.  This is an ammonia free color depositing gloss that adds mega shine to your strands.  You know when you go to the salon and get a glossing treatment done to your hair?  This is the same stuff + color.

They come in 10 different colors, so that you can perfectly match up to your current color.  I personally use the "Golden Brunette", "Deep Brunette" and also the "Clear" glaze.  The clear glaze is great for just doing a simple at home glossing treatment.  The results typically last for 2-3 weeks depending on how often I'm washing my hair.

Make sure you wear gloves when applying - cellophanes will stain your hands, and are a little more difficult to remove than the Aveda conditioners.  If it does get on your skin, windex will remove it {I know from experience that the organic window cleaners won't remove it, the real deal windex will}.

I purchase mine from a local beauty supply chain called 'GBS The Beauty Store'  but you can also buy the cellophanes online on amazon.

 I hope that this information was helpful for you!  If you have any questions about these products or want to share any products that you love for extending your color, feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Have a great weekend & GO SEAHAWKS!!! xx


  1. This post came at exactly the right time for me! I was just thinking about scheduling my hair appointment and now I think i'll try these out--thank you!

  2. Yes salon prices are ridic! Do you mix the cellophane colors and apply? Or do you use the different colors individually, alternating them when you do a cellophane treatment? I have used Malicu C before which helps cut down on the brassiness of my color-treated brunette hair.

    1. I've never mixed the cellophane colors together, but I've read reviews of people who have done that to achieve a different color. I generally always use the golden brunette unless my hair is darker than I'll use the deep brunette. I've never tried Malicu C - how do you like it?

  3. Thanks for the info! I have used the Malibu C "Hard Water" packets. It's a 1x/wk trtmt that helps remove brassiness & discoloration as well as remove minerals found in hard water and it adds shine. I like it but am def on the mkt to try a color-depositing product like the cellophanes. I think busing a combo of the 2 would really help extend the life of my color!



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